Buying a house in Skywood

If you're thinking of buying a house in the Skywood neighborhood, you should know that our properties are governed by what are often known as CC&Rs, which run with the land. You'll receive a copy with your disclosure packet.

These were recorded with San Mateo County in 1958 when Joseph Stadler created our neighborhood and have been amended since then. They're designed to be reasonable: they don't tell you what kind of plants you can grow, or punish you for not bringing in your trash cans on time, or outlaw pets larger than a chihuahua. Instead, they set out a few clear rules to preserve our privacy and the unique nature of our neighborhood.

Here are a few examples of things you should know:

• No building or structure may be constructed on any lot unless the "complete plans and specifications" are "submitted to and approved in writing" by the Skywood Association. This requirement applies to any demolition of an existing residence followed by proposed new construction.

• There are minimum square footage requirements for building houses in the neighborhood. These vary by lot.

• There are minimum building setbacks, including a 50-foot setback from the front property line, unless a variance is granted by the Skywood Association.

• There is a 10-foot wide hiking and equestrian trail running along certain properties, which is protected by an "irrevocable" recorded easement.

Please consult your disclosure packet for the full document.