The Skywood Association is the homeowners association for our neighborhood nestled in the hills above Silicon Valley. We exist to serve and represent the interests of the hundreds of residents of the town of Woodside who live in our neighborhood.

Our Skywood neighborhood is in the heart of Silicon Valley, about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. It's the sunniest corner of the San Francisco peninsula! For more information about why we love living here, or information about moving here, please visit the website.

The Skywood Association board members are.
  • M. Brown
  • D. Madrid
  • D. McCullagh
  • C. New
  • E. Satusky
  • D. Shmueli
  • W. Snyder
  • B. Stronck
  • D. Zoi
The Skywood Association gratefully thanks these prior board members for their service to our community:
  • M. Blake (former treasurer)
  • K. Braunstein (former president)
  • S. Humphries
  • K. Mchutchison
  • M. Richter (former president)
  • A. Tauber
If you're thinking of buying a house in Skywood, here's more information about the neighborhood.

The Skywood Association maintains a private electronic mailing list for neighborhood residents. You can sign up for it here.

Board meeting minutes are in a private document repository here. If you should have access and you do not, please let a board member know.